Apr 16, 2020

Ocean Sky is The Limit

Written by Mike

 Last month we officially launched our brand new agency Ocean Sky Media. Exciting times for us!

Over the last couple of months, we have found ourselves being asked to deliver more and more marketing and branding activity on behalf of our clients. This has been a delightful experience for Banna and me. For a long time, we had the pleasure of promoting the Miami lifestyle Banna at Miami Realestate and Mike at TheMiamiGuide.

Apart from almost identical views on brands, businesses, and the digital landscape we both thought about setting up an agency. What could we bring to the highly competitive agency world? Surely there are lots of marketing, PR, digital agencies already operating successful companies? What was different and special about our skills and experience? 

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Hyperlocal Experts

We got together at South Pointe Park Miami Beach where the ocean meets the sky to brainstorm and the idea for Ocean Sky Media was born.

There’re lots of other agencies that have great marketers working in them, but we have something unique. We are hyperlocal experts and know Miami real estate and city marketing inside out. We have the advantage of our large scale social media presence with high exposure of over 150K followers. We have lived and breathed sales and marketing for much of our working lives. We know how important it is to create brand awareness when launching new products and services; we know how Social media has changed marketing.

And we think the time is right for our new agency. More and more brands are looking to out-source or are interested in short, sharp, focused campaigns or bursts of activity. We provide skilled hands and creative minds to fill the gap or take up the opportunity.


A Miami Based Full-Service Hyperlocal Digital Agency Built For The Now.

We’re a full-service hyperlocal digital agency that specializes in helping Real Estate businesses grow and scale. We focus on branding and marketing strategies that build trust and scalability with online course creation. We run and market ourselves the way we market our clients, by building honest relationships. We inspire and amaze through service and creativity and never give up in the pursuit of our clients’ success.

Ocean Sky is the limit!

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